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Data Without Analytics Is A Liability

Learn about our new framework called Governance Through Education®, which automates data governance and scales data & analytics with minimal staff.

Whether you think of data as the oil or the water or the lifeblood of business, it's clear that data fuels insights, which drive the actions that create business results. At the end of the day, however, without analytic apps to make sense and produce insights out of your mountains of data, achieving meaningful results is near impossible. In addition, achieving such results requires a data-literate citizenry and greater adoption of the analytics in place; and that requires adopting the tools used to formulate the analytics and improving integration of analytics and insights into a company’s work processes. Companies’ aspirations to compete with data in the age of Digital Transformation, AI and “Industry 4.0” is compounding these challenges and increasing a call to foster both better analytics and an increase in analytics adoption, because data alone is not an asset, but a liability.

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Analytics is a core technology enabler of success. Yet modern analytics teams are struggling to keep up with the need to support increased demands from business functions for new and ongoing digital transformation efforts. This growing backlog implies that the adoption and usage of analytics must become an organization-wide imperative. To reduce the overload, organizations must increase investments to drive data literacy to foster greater analytics adoption.

Axis Group solves this with its unique solution— HELIX. For enterprises, HELIX manages the entire analytics experience by centralizing data and analytics access and support while decentralizing education and ownership, enabling the instant scale of self-service analytics across the enterprise. Central to HELIX is a framework called Governance Through Education®. Governance Through Education® (GTE) is a novel methodology to enable companies to automate data governance and scale their data and analytics capabilities with minimal staff.

Download the whitepaper to learn more about Governance Through Education® .

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